SAMPLE: Non-profit Business Plan

Section 1 - Overview and Plan Objectives
1.1 Objectives of Business Plan/ Current Situation Analysis 1.2 What the business wants (in terms of time goals, profit goals, and required financing) 1.3 Brief Description of Business Opportunities (including client/customer needs to be served) 1.4 Obstacles to be overcome 1.5 How client/customer needs are to be served by the business 1.6 Brief Description of Business Resources (all, including human, financial, and intangible) (This section consists of a paragraph summary from each succeeding topic)

Section 2 – Experience and Capabilities
2.1 Principals 2.2 Current Business 2.3 Related Past Businesses 2.4 Work Force 2.5 Business Assets

Section 3 – Marketing Plan and Forecast
3.1 Statement of Marketing Objectives 3.2 Market Research (must demonstrate need for proposed services) 3.3 Description of Opportunity in the Marketplace, including building your case 3.4 Analysis of Competitive Environment – Exactly...